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Midlife Transitions

Navigate midlife’s most common transitions with confidence, community and perspective.

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Course Introduction

The transitions of midlife are meant to be shared. Let’s do this. Together.

Managing relationships, career, finances and health at midlife can be challenging. Add in a global pandemic and it can really feel like a crisis. It’s time we turn midlife into a calling.

MEA Online’s 8-week course offers experiential learning, growth, and connection with insightful tools to shift your mindset and create more resilience and adaptability, without having to travel. This is an opportunity to reframe your weekends to prioritize you and create a new community to support you on this midlife journey. We’ll explore the most common transitions in midlife, and create a new roadmap to redefine your purpose and next phase of life.

For eight weeks, you will center, learn, reflect and connect with our core faculty, guest experts and guides, and a 6-person cohort of like-minded travelers. And each week you will meet one member of your group to cultivate new friendships and build community.

Chip Conley
“Integrating MEA foundations with new online transition coursework is a game changer for our students.”
— Founder Chip Conley

MEA Online explores our unique wisdom at midlife. You know about IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence). Well, we’re on a learning path to TQ: Transitional Intelligence. Through the navigation of challenges at this time of life, we gain access to our deepest wisdom. Together.

Course Learning Model

Transition Pillars

Things start to shift and change in midlife — just like our teenage years. But, you're wiser now, right? Learn how to build resilience and adaptability in this retreat-at-home as we give you the tools to feel empowered in optimizing your life path and impact in the world.



Begin each week with a few moments of mindfulness to center the body and mind in preparation for learning, and some “ahas.”



Watch experts in easily digestible short videos. Explore midlife transitions and build your TQ: Transitional Intelligence.



Journaling offers opportunities to reflect in the moment and throughout the week. Poetry and some fun surprise and delight!



Wisdom is not taught, it’s shared. Enjoy guided 1:1 conversations with each member of your group of 6, and build community.

What You'll Receive

A groundbreaking online retreat


Expert Guidance

Led by the 3 MEA founders and Kari Henley, learn from leading transition experts on aging, career, health, relationships.

Person Balancing 2 Items

Blended Learning

Live events, 1:1 conversations, asynchronous process to achieve a balance of community learning and self-discovery.

3 Plants Different In Size

Transitional Intelligence

Using our proprietary 6P’s of Midlife Transitions, explore the Anatomy of Midlife Transitions and expand your “TQ.”

Paper Plane

New Life Coordinates

Reexamine the first half of your life and set new coordinates, with clarity and purpose to navigate the road ahead.

Woman Sitting Behind A Laptop

Digital Intimacy

Strategic model offers community building, unique immersion, amplified learning about aging and midlife transitions.


Lifetime Access

We believe in long life learning and so will you after experiencing your MEA Online. This course is yours. Forever.

97% Student Satisfaction

What our students say about the course

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This course is right for you if…

Man Jumping In The Air

You’ve recently experienced a massive shift in your life.

We’ll help give you tools to create structure, identify direction and make space for internal processing time.

Man Questioning His Life Decisions

You're ready to reframe the infamous “Midlife Crisis”.

Relationships, career, health, purpose — all can shift at once and be overwhelming. We transform a “crisis” into a “calling.”

Woman Feeling Alone and Isolated

You're inspired to explore and maximize your “Next Chapter”.

We’ll help you to reflect on your lifetime of experience to cultivate and harvest the wisdom you can share.

Begins Oct 02 • Enrollment closes Sep 30

Online Course Overview

Learn from Chip Conley, MEA core faculty and leading midlife transition experts on aging, career, health, relationships.


Intro Session


Meet your community, discover the 6 P’s of Midlife Transitions and what it means to become a Modern Elder.

02 OCT | 12pM — 3PM ET (5pm — 8PM GMT)

Personal Transitions

Explore your transitions at this time: in relationships, career, health. Learn key mindset management tools.


Physical Transitions


Understand how changes in our bodies, hormones, drives, and sensuality affect our self-image and presence.

16 OCT | 12PM — 2PM ET (5pm — 7PM GMT)

Psychological Transitions

Looking at our emotions — from anxiety to depression — we cultivate the mastery of feelings in transition.


Pandemic Transitions

We’ve all been touched by this global event and will review why EQ is never more important than in midlife.


Professional Transitions


From career loss to seeking bliss, midlife prompts reinvention. A new view of work, money, and mentorship.

06 NOV | 12pM — 2pm ET (5pm — 7PM GMT)

Purpose Transitions

Your (divine) direction, Ikigai (convergence of one's passions, beliefs, values, vocation) for meaning and a sense of awe.


Closing Session


Graduation! Come together, integrate your experiences, make new commitments, and get ready for what’s next!

20 NOV | 12pM — 2pm ET (5pm — 7PM GMT)

Meet Your Core Teachers

Chip Conley

Chip Conley

Modern Elder Academy | MEA founder, Student, Sage

Hospitality veteran, entrepreneur and author, Chip envisioned the world’s first midlife wisdom


school while writing Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. MEA’s campus opened in 2018.

Kari Henley

Kari Henley

Director MEA Online, Digital Evangelist & Strategist

A digital course designer, facilitator and host, Kari is a social entrepreneur, writer and developer


of “digital intimacy” tools that build meaningful connections and global communities.

Jeff Hamaoui

Jeff Hamaoui

MEA Co-founder, Chief Education & Innovation Officer

A seasoned teacher and master facilitator with an entrepreneurial mind, poet’s heart, and seeker’s


soul, Jeff’s midlife transition to Baja led to partnering and purpose in building MEA.

Christine Sperber

Christine Sperber

MEA Co-founder, Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Hospitality maven and former pro athlete, Christine is a champion of others. With a passion for writing,


mentoring and learning, she is the “C” in MEA’s culture, connection and community.

Join 1000+ MEA alumni

Nancy Rielle

Nancy Rielle

Intergenerational Cohousing Catalyst

It just works and is as close as you can come to a live retreat. You all really care!

Eddie Dobbins

Eddie Dobbins

Dream Coach

I hope each of you have the opportunity to experience the online course. It’s content and information for midlifers was truly a remarkable experience to go through.

Debbie Hesse

Debbie Hesse

Non-Profit CEO, Entrepreneur

This course has literally transformed my life! It helped me decide to take the steps to learn how to be an entrepreneur and how to build my confidence to take these next steps.

Upkar Arora

Upkar Arora

CEO Rally

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants a road map and a community they can call upon, to navigate through their own transitions, and live a richer life as they age.

Leslie Hielema

Leslie Hielema

Global Innovation Engineer

Without these new tools, I would have been in trouble, possibly turned my natural sadness into depression as a new empty nester. This training on transition is so necessary.

Angela Vazquez

Angela Vazquez

Senior Consultant

MEA Online exceeded my expectations. Your structure just works. And Lifetime access is a big deal!

Michael MacNair

Michael MacNair


My biggest takeaway was the confidence and permission to move forward without any pressure of timeline or having figured it all out well.

Carole Cooper

Carole Cooper


This was the best thing that came out of 2020! All of the team and my fellow compadres at MEA have really opened up a new path for so many of us. Thank you!

Adele Martz

Adele Martz

Dir. Risk Mgmt. Blue Cross, Blue Shield

For the first time in my life I feel that I am good- just as I am! There is always space for improvement but I have much more peace and acceptance of who I am.

Carol Davis

Carol Davis

Learning & Dvlpmt. Strategist

Thank you so much for the impactful training design in the 8-week MEA program on transitions! The experience will forever mean a lot to me.

Pat Whitty

Pat Whitty

COPE Certified Health Coach

The human connection, warmth and love you were able to build into an online program is amazing.

Cindie Adams

Cindie Adams

Social Advocate, Adventure Seeker

Started out as a slow crescendo that ended in an explosion of fabulousness! We got so close that we feel like we’ve known each other for years.

Barbara Vance

Barbara Vance

Freelance Customer Service Professional

I didn’t realize how much I needed this course! Thank you!

Pamela Grieb

Pamela Grieb

Community Relations Manager

Loved the flow and structure of each week. The biggest gift I received was that of community. I now have a strong support system and friendships to help me navigate my journey to truly becoming a Modern Elder.

Natasha Ginnivan

Natasha Ginnivan

Postdoctoral Fellow UNSW, AU

Loving the content and the capacity to fit it in around my schedule in my own time.

Linda Grubbs

Linda Grubbs

DEI Learning Consultant

What a course, what a community!

Beth Woolfork

Beth Woolfork

Sr, Project Mgr, OnShift

Thank you for putting this together! I have already learned a lot and have enjoyed the process!

Enrollment Closes September 30th

Let’s do this. Together.

97% of surveyed graduates say that they are better equipped to navigate midlife transitions after taking this course.

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